Privacy Policy

Last Updated: July 16, 2019

Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the (the "Service") operated by Realmean Enterprises (OPC) Pvt Ltd. ("us", "we", or "our").

Privacy Policy is collected to understand, safeguard, abide by rules that the government has shown. Once you register with our portal accepting the privacy policy, your information is safe with us and no information are shared with third parties. While placing a booking, you need to fill up the following details under best secure software:

  1. Your Name
  2. E-mail Address
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Phone number
  5. Credit Card/ Debit Card Details
  6. Bank details
  7. Other details

These collected details serve as records and will be used for reference if there is an emergency situation. It will help for your better future experience. The detailed discussion on the different conditions are as follows:

Why do we need to go through privacy policy?

The privacy information collected by our team and its subsidiaries and affiliates are applicable for all types of purchasers or enquirers on selling products, services through any customer interface channels called as sales channels such as including its website, mobile site, mobile app & offline channels including call centers and offices. Only by accepting the privacy policies, terms & conditions, you are allowed to access the information and book tickets. If ‘you’ do not agree with the above statement, kindly do not use our channel for your purpose.

(“You”, “Your” denotes the user while “we”, “us”, “our” means the Bustrawler). The privacy policy written in Bustrawler does not apply for the third party sites or their linked products. The privacy practices of our business partners, advertisers, sponsors or other sites that are linked as a hyperlink(s) with us do not abide under this privacy policy. It is best for you to verify with other sites privacy policies before you accept it.

Withdrawal probability

For users outside the geographical location, if the information provided does not seem reliable, we will not process your bookings after filling the withdrawal consent. We wish you to raise your reason and withdrawal consent in the provided email

The withdrawal consent may be refused in case of:

  • When there is some reliable inhibiting factor that restricts our service.
  • When the trip might affect, we tend to cancel your bookings.

Information / Data collection

All the data provided in India are protected as per the rules and regulations in India, but this protection varies according to the jurisdiction and the residing country. All the information provided is ‘shared by you’. We will not share the details about your passwords, no security information is let out; files, documentation that are stored in our servers like image files, documentation, etc. and other business activities like Bank transaction details or purchase frequencies; Details received from social media or from third-party sites; if the disclosed data is received from the third party or through our registered dealership outlets all the details received are safeguarded perfectly.

Use of collecting personal information:

Personal information is collected for the following purposes like:

  1. While booking, all details such as Name, Address, debit/ credit card details for money transactions or your wallet details, etc are to be carefully registered.
  2. Security-related information that you use in regard to our portal (Username, password, email).
  3. Verification of mobile number.
  4. Validate and justify the provided details.
  5. Share updates on ticket confirmation through SMS, WhatsApp, and email.
  6. Changes in bookings.
  7. Emergency contact by customer care to the respective representative.
  8. User-defined content change – Website, mobile site, mobile App.
  9. Review and suggestion to improve.

Developmental, Promotional, Advertisements

Conduct survey for improvement and understanding the present status. Regular survey, camp, and acceptance of the feedback will be shared to your personal communications if you have signed consent. Identify the wrong numbers, when critical situations like unethical reviews, negative reactions, etc in such instances, the security information are utilized to find the exact person ensuring safety measures.

The UGC (User Generated Content) options available for the clients and user to review, rate, question. No personal information will be shared with the public or to third parties. Crowd Source Data Collection, review and ratings, Question and Answer; through personal details available in the data files are highly-secured, winner announcement is made by the collection of name and contact number along with the answer. This is just to make them know that they have won. We prevent unauthorized trespassing in our database.


The advertisements tailored in the pre-planned method. The cookies are a small file that allows you to access the site easily, stores password and reduces your strain on typing password every login time. The advertisement(s) provided in the meantime might or might not be useful for you. These in-between third party advertisements are sent by us to track the effectiveness of the site and gather aggregate statics on the technology employed on the website.

Of course, your antivirus guard might pop-up notification and block these cookies. In such instances, many facilities might be missed. But, it is possible to block the cookies activity permanently and you can get cookies from other liked sites. You are fully permitted to use your rights to blocking unwanted internet activity.

Disclosure of information:

Your information is disclosed only with few of the following people:

  1. Business Partners and third-party vendors.
  2. Among the same branch offices.
  3. Service providers and suppliers.

Before sharing the personal information, we stick to the following

  • As per law enforcement authority for investigation, following a court order, any legal procedure reference.
  • Business process
  • Under security regime
  • We strongly believe that the disclosure of personal information can be against legal rules.
  • By sharing the information, there is a chance that anyone can use it in unlawful activities.

Thus, all information shared with us is safe in our database. It is used only when the situation arises without sufficient information available for verification. We strictly follow all the aforementioned points with care and guarantee on ‘no sharing’ is assured to our clients or users. Follow the privacy policy and look forward with a safe and secure journey. We accept any queries through email and endeavour response to all reasonable concerns and doubts.