Terms and Conditions

Last updated: July 22, 2019

Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the www.bustrawler.com (the "Service") operated by Realmean Enterprises (OPC) Pvt Ltd. ("us", "we", or "our").

  1. The following point includes the contract terms between Bustrawler (‘us/we’) and the customer (‘passenger/you’).
  2. CHARGES: The final charges calculated are based on Indian regulations which includes 15% Goods and Services Tax and may vary +/- 0.15 from the announcement wage. Prices for all products and services are listed on Bustrawler's website.
  3. Bustrawler holds multiple coupons for trips which can be used only the person whose name was originally registered in the website initially. The coupons or passes are non-transferrable and on the booked trip travellers are checked for their Photo ID.
  4. Conduct: Bustrawler does not allow misbehaving person in the transport as it is not a common carrier. Therefore it has complete authority to refuse to allot bookings for such catastrophic behaviour as it restricts the enjoyment of the entire passengers. Without you agreeing and understanding the authority of the Driver Guide along with their decisions your bookings will not be processed. Staff at Bustrawler work to ensure your safe and secure environment to experience a great travel. Assuring safety and preventing you from threats. In case of any inappropriate changes such as physical or verbal, or behaviour differences result in automatic cancellation of your seating allotment from the trip. We do not entertain refunds, when a Driver Guide feels that the passenger is to be stopped from the journey. The passenger will be responsible for their self-behaviour and will have to continue their trip according to their own price grid from that point.
  5. Available Information: Bustrawler endeavours and clings on the published/stated departure, arrival and general timings of flight move. However, in certain circumstances such as external and unpredictable events can delay and lack in meeting these timings. Under such grounds Bustrawler will not be responsible for the loss or damage as a result of any cancellation of, or delay in, any departure also our harmoniously efforts are ongoing to ensure the authenticity of our brochure, app and web content, although at times details might differ for which our support assistance are always available for assistance. The validity date is added in our new brochure. The ticket price is non-refundable and non-transferable, irrespective of the circumstances.
  6. Havocs: Any unexpected confusion caused by weather, natural disasters, third party service changes, etc does not subject to us. This sudden variation in activities changes your trip and might not be covered under our rules. We assure our passengers are provided with comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers unforeseen disruptions, cancellations and cut off of the planned travel, departure delay, accident and medical shifts.
  7. Sickness & injury: We are not answerable for any sickness or injury that happens as a result of self-negligence at any circumstances.
  8. Visas: Solely it is the responsibility of the travelling passenger to carry a valid passport along with the approved visas.
  9. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance will not be included in our coupons or tours. we strongly recommend you carryover your insurance that covers the following
    • Accidents,
    • Injury,
    • Illness and
    • Death medical expenses, includes pre-existing medical conditions,
    • Emergency repatriation - helicopter rescue and air ambulance, if necessary.
    • Personal liability.

    For any personal belongings lost under any circumstances is not covered under our liabilities. We suggest you to avail a good backpacker travel option as they cover wide range of deeds.

  10. Third Party operator services: If involved, we work strenously rendering more efforts to ensure that operator’s obligations in the delivery of the service are satisfactory. Partial or full refund is offered in case of failure. If mishappenings occur from the ‘booking agent’, then the traveller needs to address their concerns directly with their agent. We are not to be pointed under the act of company neglect. As our services are used as part of your trip with no limitation, activity and accommodation providers.
  11. Malpractices: Tourists are checked for non-prescription, illegal drugs or partaking in illegal activities which results in consequences such as custody, capital punishment and even death the travel will be nullified with no refund of the ticket fare. No responsibility is undertaken for passengers partaking in illegal activities.
  12. Images and video: Rarely, we might conduct photo and video projects for the promotion of our products and services. Passengers can choose their option to opt out from promotional trips. If you do not opt out, Bustrawler uses the images taken whilst on your promotional trip for advertising and promotional purposes worldwide and you cannot claim for royalty in any medium.
  13. Promotions with value-added services: A value added product includes pass, journey, accommodation, activity or good) is a product which is included free of charge. The extended benefits are not to be sold, but can be transferred to another traveller’s name, or can be exchanged with an option for a refund or an alternative product. If a traveller is unable to redeem the value-add product within 12 months of the original purchase it is forfeited. A promotional pass for travel with restricted dates are given as promotion and accepting or supersede our standard conditions.
  14. Competitions and Prizes: The competition or prize pack won cannot be exchanged for cash, sold or transferred. Rather the price products must be utilized within 12 months from announcement or provided with a specific time frame as mentioned in the competition/prize term or endorsed.
  15. Privacy: Any updates, official newsletters will be passed on to your account only if you have opted for acceptance in your privacy policy.
  16. Disputes: Any issues regarding your trip is raised, the responsibility is yours to notify us as soon as possible to resolve the issue providing us ample time. Claims that are submitted 28 days after the dispute will not be considered. You are insisted to provide a valid email address to carry forward our formal or legal proceedings.
  17. Law: These terms and conditions are strictly follows as per New Zealand Law and with no obligation as they are NOT inconsistent with, or in contravention of the law passed.
  18. Children: Children aged 7 – 17 may travel, only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Travel cost will be nullified for children below 2 years of age. The guardian or the parent can decide on the seat whether the child will sit on lap or requires separate seat. The separate seat will be like car seat to ensure safety.
  19. Luggage: Luggage is limited to one backpack, bag or case per person with a maximum weight of -----Kgs is allowed due to limited space availability in bus. All your belongings in your travel are your responsibility. Travelling with a valuable items such as cameras, valuables, raincoats is all at your own risk, any damage to, or loss of, any items or personal effects under any circumstances is not under our control.
  20. Fuel: The fuel efficient buses are available to reduce our consumption despite we reserve the right to charge the difference based on the fuel charges, at any time post ticket purchase. Any surcharge will be payable on your trip start. The difference noted is up to a maximum of ---- Rupees.
  21. Water safety: During travel, your swimming or water based activities are independent. It is at the risk of the passenger’s to determine if he or she is skilled and eligible to take part in such water activities, and this participation is the sole responsibility of his or her own.
  22. Fitness: Fitness is the very basic passing criteria to take part in our tour. For any concerns please discuss with our reservations staff prior to booking.
  23. Failure transactions: At times the transactions might fail due to unknown reasons without generating a ticket. Confirm with our customer care number before starting with the fresh transaction. As there might be other issues, when the amount is debited from bank / card it will be refunded back to the customer according to the refund policy that is listed below.
  24. Refund Policy: a. Passenger’s bank account / debit / credit / ITZ card from which the ticket is booked – Transferring account after cancellation.
      • b. Automatic processing of the refunds upon cancellation, though bank processing time may vary between 5 to 14 days time to credit the amount to your account.

        c. In case, you did not get the refund amount by 14 days from the date of refund, kindly intimate us through email support@bustrawler.com including details like

    • ticket details/order details
    • credit/debit/Wallet statement

        d. For passengers who do not report on time to the boarding point it is said as No-Show Passengers and the refund amount will not be processed.

        e. If the cancellation is done by the passenger, then other than ticket charges such as transaction charges/Ticket Delivery charges collected, will not be refunded after cancellation to the customer. If the cancellation is done by the passenger, then other than ticket charges such as transaction charges/Ticket Delivery charges collected, will not be refunded after cancellation to the customer.

        f. If the cancellation of the ticket is carried forward by the bus driver, Bustrawler is responsible to assist in providing alternative services in the short availability. The refunding will be done by Bustrawler is reliable and responsible for the ticket amount.

        g. All provisions provided in Bustrawler is to comfort your journey with informed decision. If the amenities are unavailable or non-functioning the refund will be settled within the bus itself.

  25. cancellation policy: i) Sevice Fee/GST is not refundable upon cancellation.
      • ii) Insurance amount is non-refundable for ticket cancellation.

        iii) If the government transport services (APSRTC) cancels its trip then, the amount for refund and the ticket cancellation must be done within the 15 days, if not then the refund will not be accepted.

        iv) You cannot prepone or postpone your ticket after booking confirmation.

        v) Discounted charge tickets are not allowed to cancellation rather accepted for regular fee tickets. In refund the cancellation chares are deducted and ticket price is returned.

        vi) Online booked tickets can be cancelled only through online.

        vii) Cut—off time cancellation depends on the bus start time/boarding point time/bus origin start time.

        viii) The charges collected for cancellation is Rs.15. Some operator can do partial cancellation for which please go through cancellation terms prior to ticket booking.